mercredi 9 mai 2012

EES Secondary School Students Visit Helsinki

A group of mixed S2 and S4 pupils from EES are currently visiting the European School of Helsinki to find out how being part of the 2-year Comenius project has impacted on life at the school. Whist there, they have been asked them to prepare a 5 minute presentation on the European Schools of Helsinki and Strasbourg to present to an audience of students both at Helsinki and at Strasbourg. After an initial discussion on what they most would be interested to know, find out and learn about life at ESH, they have narrowed the list down to 3 main things:
1. details of the ecological activity in the school and how Helsinki got their "Green Flag" status
2. information about teaching and learning, and school life.
3. ideas for ways in which the two schools could continue to communicate in the future.

lundi 23 avril 2012

We held our Fashion Show last Friday, involving all students from Maternelle to Lycee who had created their outfits or hats solely from recycled materials.  We plan to exhibit a lot of the outfits and the rubbish monster during out Comenius exhibition.
Here are the reviews from the Press:,.media?a=177

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Hot Off The Press

Get your Ecological Guide here. Thanks to all the schools for creating such beautiful pages and Ellen Michel in Strasbourg for compiling the work.
The Helsinki Chapter 2 in French is here.
The Strasbourg Chapter 5 in French is here.

(Let me know in the next few days if there is a problem with the link and / or the download. Ross)

vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Plasman Film

To view the film created by the S3 about nuclear fusion, please go to:

EIPACA Plasman film

This character and film were inspirations for the Manosque act of the play.

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Jeux Comenius

Pendant une semaine, les élèves de la classe P2FR ont découvert les jeux réalisés pour le projet Comenius. 
Chaque jour, ils ont pris beaucoup de plaisir à jouer avec les jeux fabriqués par leurs camarades.
Le jeu de l'école de Dunshaughlin a eu beaucoup de succès !